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By John Greening, Mar 17 2020 12:03PM

I am sure it will come as no surprise that The Wizards has suspended all activities for the foreseeable future. This is in keeping with government recomendations, also I have just received a phone call from The Winstanley School informing me that all evening activities have been cancelled.


Club Chairman.

By John Greening, Feb 7 2020 11:47PM


Divisional winners-D team and C team. Frankie Hallam, Kai Bhakta, Nathan Joseph and Avani Geevakumar all achieved 100%, winning all their games.

Both A and E teams were runners up. These are great results-well done everyone.There will always be some who are not as successful, this is very much down to experience and some divisions are tougher than others. Just keep practicing.

The final session is on Saturday 8th. Febuary - good luck.


By John Greening, Dec 6 2019 11:29PM

It was only a year ago that Dan qualified as a Level one Table Tennis Coach. Since then his interest in coaching, especially our juniors has developed with his maturity. After some thought I had no hesitation in suggesting to Dan that he attended a level two course. Dan jumped at the opportunity and I immediately found funding and secured the course knowing that he would be the youngest.. Dan approached the course as I expected with determination and enthusiasm. He was the youngest and duly qualified . From what I have learnt at 18, he is probably the youngest level two in the country.

From the entire club,

Many congratulation Dan.


By John Greening, Nov 4 2019 11:23PM

October 26th. saw the first round of this league for which We have provided seven teams. I soon realised that the standard of play was very high. This season we have many new faces for which this is a new experience. Many from last season are no longer juniors (aged over 18 years ), we all wish them well for their future. Three of our teams won their divisions and three others were runners up. Some made a nervous start but soon got into their stride. What a wonderful start . Well done everyone. All look forward to the next round on Saturday November 16th. for which they are all practicing hard. Finally it was good to have parents supporting the players.

As always many thanks to Mike Smith and his team for great organisation and a great start to the season.

Best wishes to all,



By John Greening, Oct 23 2019 09:58PM


This fund is managed through "Local Giving" in partnership with The Postcode Community Trust.

We applied for £500 which is the maximum awarded by this fund.We were introduced to the trust by Annette Kendrick of Leicestershire and Rutland Sport.

Some of our table tennis tables are ageing and this gave us the opportunity to replace one and to purchase a small supply of table surround barriers. The project has been completed very swiftly and we now have the equipment which is in full use. The club is very grateful to the trust and we look forward to submitting a further bid in the future.


As we have become more successful so overheads and maintaining equipment becomes a greater challenge. So we are very grateful to the Foundation for being part of our growth by providing a grant of £800. These funds were used to cover our team registration fees, we have sven junior teams and five adult teams.We were also able to increase our supply of table barrier surrounds and fund a Table Tennis coaching qualification for one of our members. All was made easier due to the friendly and helpful staff. Sincere thanks from all our "Wizards"

By John Greening, Aug 28 2019 07:59AM

With summer slipping away and the school reopening we are now changing to Winter sessions.

Junior sessions Monday sports hall 6.30 - 8pm

The main hall is no longer available on Mondays.

Senior practice Tuesday sports hall 6.30 - 9.30pm

Home league matches are on Wednesdays in the main hall.

Here's to another great season.


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