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Friendly match-Fleckney

By John Greening, Oct 4 2020 04:46PM

Little over a week ago, even in these troubled times, without any league activity, The Wizards and Fleckney Club put our heads together and raised four teams of varying standard for a friendly match. Three were played at The Winstanley School and one at Fleckney. Although it gave everyone the opportunity to once again "flex their muscles", it produced a cavalier atmosphere. Fleckney took two matches 9-0 and 7-2 with Wizards taking the other two 8-1 and 9-0, so honours were even. Incidentally one of the Wizard teams consisted of brothers Kalan and Kai and on this occasion they were joined for the first time by Dad Hemant who won two games. No doubt benefitting by a spot of coaching, which I am sure the boys enjoyed, they won 8-1.

Great evening, well done everyone.


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